Gambling FAQ

If poker is legal in my state, does that mean sportsbetting is too?

No. You shouldn’t take anything for granted when it comes to what is legal and what is not in terms of gambling in your state. To be on the safe side, check with your authorities to see what you can and can’t do.

Are my winnings from the online casino taxable?

Unfortunately, yes! The majority of places around the world require that gamblers pay taxes on their winnings, no matter what the amount. Check out the specific requirements of your state or country and fill out the necessary forms. Remember, as a rule of thumb, online casinos are not responsible for any tax issues.

Is online gambling addictive?

It can be if it is not done properly. Make sure that you limit your gambling sessions to a proportionate number and be aware of the warning signs for compulsive behavior. If you feel a problem coming on, seek help from professional groups such as Gamblers Anonymous or through 24/7 help lines.

Is online gambling safe?

In the majority of cases, the answer is a resounding yes. However, as in every industry, you should be aware of the scams and fraudsters out there because, unfortunately, they do exist. To be on the safe side, stick with online casino sites that have a good industry reputation.

How can I tell if an online casino site is safe?

There are a number of things you need to check for. Firstly, check its payout reports. These should be issued by independent accounting companies and the rates should fluctuate. Secondly, check to see whether the online casino is licensed through a recognized gambling jurisdiction. Finally, check the software provider. A good site will stick to reputable providers always.

Are offshore licensing jurisdictions legal?

Absolutely. It simply means that these locations – that happen to be offshore from where you are physically located – are legally allowed to offer gambling licenses from their own jurisdictions.

How do I know that an online casino is not just using a jurisdiction’s licensing seal under false pretenses?

Before putting that first dollar with an online casino, enter the licensing jurisdiction’s official website and check its list of licensees. The name of the online casino should appear. If it doesn’t, you know you are being tricked and avoid the site at all costs.

How do I find an online casino site that suits me?

You need to look at a large number of factors before you make your choice. Consider things such as your budget, the games you like to play, the length of your gambling sessions, bonuses, tournaments and then look around for online casinos that suit your own personal gambling style.

What is a bonus?

A bonus is an online ‘comp’, offered by the online casino as a way of welcoming new players to its site and rewarding existing ones for remaining as customers. The casino will usually match the player’s deposit with a bonus of a certain percentage, although, in some cases, it may even offer no deposit bonuses.

How can I earn comp points?

Contact customer support to find out how you can earn loyalty (comp) points while you play. The more you play, the more you earn and the more points you will have to put towards great prizes and credits at the online casino. Each online casino is different in terms of its loyalty programs, so you should do some homework beforehand.

What are VIP programs?

A VIP program is a type of loyalty program that is open to players who have more money than the average gambler to spend at the online casino. The more of a highroller you are, the greater the number of incentives you can get from your VIP program. Ask customer service at your favorite online casino about the site’s program.

What is a ‘bonus hunter’?

This is a player who literally hunts around for the best bonus and jumps from site to site in search of them. If you do this too often, you may be blacklisted by an online casino, so be warned!

Why are there bonuses that are limited to certain games only?

The online casino recognizes the fact that certain games at their casino interest you, and others don’t. For that reason, they provide you with the opportunity to take advantage of bonuses that are restricted to your favorite game only. These could be slot bonuses, poker bonuses or any other game for that matter offered by the site.

Why have I not received my bonus, even though I signed up with the site?

There may be a number of reasons, ranging from a particular waiting period, to the fact that you may have forgotten to enter the code. Firstly, read the terms and conditions of the bonus and if things are still unclear, contact the customer support team who will be happy to assist you.

Why doesn’t the welcome bonus cover blackjack?

Some games, especially those with a low house edge, are excluded from welcome bonuses. If you still want to play blackjack, look out for sites that include this game in their first time bonuses, or resolve to play without the bonus.

What are bonus requirements?

A bonus requirement is the amount of times that the online casino requires that you wager the sum of the bonus before you can cash out your winnings. So, for example, if the welcome bonus is $100 and the wagering requirement is shown as times 8, this means you need to wager 8 x $100 ($800) before you can get paid out.

How important is software to a gaming experience?

Very! The better the software, the better your gaming session will be. Look out for top names in the industry and stick to them. Also, look for software that is customizable and suitable to your particular gaming needs and preferences.

If I play a progressive machine, am I guaranteed to win the full amount if I hit the jackpot?

Only if you play the maximum number of coins, as this is a prerequisite for taking home the progressive jackpot. It is imperative that you read the requirements of any game before playing so that you know what is expected of you.

How can I learn to play the games offered at online casinos?

Most online casinos offer players guides that will help them understand the basic rules and strategies of the games on the site. These tutorials are very useful in learning how to play the games, and are an excellent way to gain an advantage in your gaming session. This is also a good way to learn the difference between different versions of the same game, example Atlantic City Blackjack and Trump.

How do I keep in contact with other gamblers while playing online?

The majority of online casinos have unique chat features that allow you socialize with other gamblers while you are playing. This puts pay to the theory that online gambling is a lonely pastime! The beauty of chatting online is that you can communicate with players from every corner of the globe from the comfort of your own home!

How do I join a tournament?

Your online casino should offer a link to its tournament schedule and lead you to a page where you can sign up for any tournament that you want to enter. Don’t forget to check out all the necessary information before hand, such as whether the tournament is open to anybody or if you need to be loyalty club member to do so.

What is Live Dealer gambling?

Live dealer gambling is the chance for you to enjoy the benefits of personal gaming from your own home. Technology enables the use of web cams to transmit images of a live dealer from a remote casino to your own casino, and you can chat to this dealer, see the roulette wheel spin or the blackjack cards being dealt. There is no need for any special equipment when live dealer gambling, except a web camera.

How ‘free’ is a free casino bonus?

Very free! An online casino may offer you free credits to play at its site without the need to make a deposit first. Don’t forget to check the wagering requirements before you request to withdraw your winnings.

What is an RNG?

RNG stands for Random Number Generator. The RNG generates totally random numbers or patterns in a game in order to ensure that the software at an online casino is totally fair and random. Good online casinos regularly submit their RNG’s for testing through an independent auditing firm and publish the results on their websites.

What is a payout report?

Good online casinos have their games tested for payout percentages, which essentially means that independent auditors check to see how much money a site takes in and what portion of that money is paid out in prizes. So if, for example, an online casino boasts a payout percentage of 98%, it means that 98c out of every one dollar taken in by the site, is paid back to its players in prize money.

How do I make a deposit at an online casino?

First you need to open an account through the online casino. Then you can fund that account with any method offered by the site, such as Neteller, bank checks, credit cards, and so forth. A good site offers a wide variety of payment methods. Once you have funded the account, you can go ahead and play for real money.