Gambling Tips (luck, exercise, cash flow, etc.)

Luck Only Gets You So Far

Luck is a funny old thing. Some people swear by it. Others put it down to mere superstition with no quantifiable basis. However, there are very few people who do not believe in some element of luck, even subconsciously.

Unfortunately, with regards to casino gambling – be it land based or online – there is less room for error. There are no external factors like economic and environmental factors that come into play like in business decisions. The decision to wager depends squarely on the gambler’s ability to read the game, understand the nuances and hitting a bit of luck. If a coin is flipped 9 out of ten times to land on heads, the chances of it landing on heads the tenth time is still 50%. This is the downfall of gambling – but also the beauty of it.

Luck can only get a gambler so far. There are many factors that may impede this luck – and these are things that can easily be controlled. Gambling with one’s head and not one’s heart is the key to a successful gambling outing.

Anything in excess is not good. This refers to alcohol, tobacco and even exercise. Humans require moderation to thrive. Moderate temperatures, food intake, noise. Everything. And gambling falls into the “everything” category. There is nothing wrong with a little bit of recreational gambling – provided that it is done with a clear head.


  • Combinations of excesses can also result in a bad gambling experience. The guiltiest party in this mix is alcohol.
  • Many land based casinos offer their “VIPs” drinks on the house. Although this may seem like an added benefit, the real reason behind this is that alcoholic beverage intake grossly reduces one’s inhibitions. When this happens, one’s thought process is not as clear and one is more likely to gamble recklessly.
  • There is nothing wrong with just a few drinks, but getting drunk is not a wise option. Everyone knows their own limits. Some can sip on whisky the whole night and not feel the effects – only relaxation – while others may get tipsy on one glass of champagne. A good tip is to follow each alcoholic beverage with a glass of water or a soft drink.


  • Another factor in excess that is often overlooked is exercise. Exercise releases endorphins which in turn create a state of euphoria and feelings of invincibility in the brain. This seems like a negligible factor, but when it comes to gambling with real money, every factor that could impede the gambler’s performance must be considered.


  • Time is also a factor in gambling successfully. Not running out of time, because most land based casinos never close their doors and online casinos are timeless. The topic under discussion is being able to keep track of time. One needs look no further than the walls of a land based casinos. There are never any clocks.
  • When one is gambling and the adrenalin is pumping, time can fly by a lot quicker than one anticipated. This is not good, especially if it is at the expense of neglecting other appointments or prior commitments. A good tip is to always wear a watch and make a mental note to keep checking the time. This does not only keep one focused, but also more disciplined. One should set a time limit to gamble and stick to that time limit.

Cash Flow

  • Another factor to consider is cash flow. It is never a good idea to gamble with a credit card. Credit is money that belongs to the bank, and if this money is lost, it still has to be paid back. More often than not, this is money that the gambler can ill-afford to lose in the first place.
  • It is more advisable to gamble using a debit card because this is money that the gambler already has in his or her possession. Losing is never good, but at least it was money that actually existed.
  • Another option is to buy secure online vouchers for cash. These vouchers can be exchanged at most online casinos or online merchants.
  • At land based casinos, ATM machines can be found all around the casino floor. This is to ensure that a gambler always has access to funds. Although casinos make their money like any other business, there is still an element of irresponsibility that tarnishes many casinos’ names. It is therefore advisable for gamblers to set themselves a cash limit in accordance with their own financial situation.
  • This limit can easily be adhered to by leaving one’s ATM and credit cards at home and only taking the designated cash amount with. Gamblers must just ensure that they keep enough aside for food, parking and refreshments. There is nothing more embarrassing than having to call a friend or a spouse and explaining that one has lost all of one’s money and a lift home is needed.

Use A Friend

  • A good way to get around all these hurdles – when heading to a land based casino – is to use a designated driver. This person should fit a certain profile and is generally the most responsible person in the group.
  • However, this could get a bit much for the person in question if that person is always the designated driver, so a roster system could be implemented where everyone in the group has a turn to be the responsible one. The designated person should be the one who holds the wallets and car keys.
  • This person should also be the timekeeper and make sure that the others in the group are not getting out of hand or drinking in excess.

Watch Your Online Gambling

  • It is a lot more difficult to be monitored when gambling online. Online gambling generally takes place in private as a way of escapism or relaxation. It is therefore of paramount importance to continuously practice self restraint.
  • This means not drinking in excess, keeping to a strict time limit and not gambling beyond one’s means.
  • One should make very sure that the software that powers the online casino is reputable. The bigger software manufacturers like Microgaming, Cryptologic and RealTime Gaming have an excellent track record. If you are not sure, move to another online casino.
  • One should also ensure that the casino has a valid casino licence that is validated by the base country’s government.
  • A gambler should check what denominations the various online casino machines use. These can range from 1c to $5, with a 20 line bet being $100. One should take care when max betting.
  • Free play is also very important when gambling online. Casinos that offer free play allow a gambler to get more comfortable with the game in question before playing for real money.
  • The quality of customer service says a lot about a casino. The more reputable casinos have a 24/7 help desk that is contactable via e-mail, telephone or real time chat. It is easy to check how good the service is by inventing a bogus query and seeing how long the customer service take in replying.
  • Using a search engine to check for reputable online casinos is the best. Thousands of reviews have been written about online casinos.

Know When To Quit

  • Luck can also sometimes get in the way of success. An important rule to remember is to quit when ahead. Luck can turn at any stage.
  • When this happens, the gambler often changes one’s strategy and bets much higher than normal in an attempt to win back quicker what was lost. This can in turn lead to even more being lost and the start of a very vicious cycle.
  • If a gambler quits when ahead, this means that the gambling experience has been a success.
  • Luck can only be given so much credit. It is not an exact science. In fact, it is not a science at all but rather a state of mind. In order to make the most of this luck, it is important to keep a clear head when gambling. Considering all these above factors can help this and prevent irresponsible gambling.

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