Refer a Friend Bonuses

# Casino Rating Friend Bonus SignUp Match Software Play
1 Da Vinci's Gold
  • 2.5/5
$200 $200 200%Rival Gaming Play Da Vinci's Gold
2 7 Sultans Casino
  • 4/5
€100 €200 100%Microgaming Play 7 Sultans Casino
3 Platinum Play
  • 5/5
€100 €200 100%Microgaming Play Platinum Play
4 Royal Vegas Casino
  • 5/5
€100 €250 100%Microgaming Play Royal Vegas Casino
5 Nostalgia Casino
  • 3.83/5
$100 $50 25%Microgaming Play Nostalgia Casino
6 Challenge Casino
  • 4/5
$100 $800 25%Microgaming Play Challenge Casino
7 Blackjack Ballroom
  • 3.32/5
$100 $400 40%Microgaming Play Blackjack Ballroom
8 Fortune Room
  • 4/5
€100 €150 100%Microgaming Play Fortune Room
9 Golden Reef Casino
  • 4/5
$100 $100 100%Microgaming Play Golden Reef Casino
10 Casino Kingdom
  • 4/5
$100 $77 100%Microgaming Play Casino Kingdom
11 Music Hall Casino
  • 4/5
$100 $500 25%Microgaming Play Music Hall Casino
12 UK Casino Club
  • 3.33/5
$100 $100 100%Microgaming Play UK Casino Club
13 Palace of Chance All U.S. Players Welcome
  • 3/5
$100 $500 200%Real Time Gaming Play Palace of Chance
14 Winward Casino All U.S. Players Welcome
  • 2.9/5
$100 $500 227%Top Game Play Winward Casino
15 Casino Action
  • 3.23/5
$100 $40 100%Microgaming Play Casino Action
16 Tropica Casino
  • 4.07/5
$100 $250 100%Rival Gaming Play Tropica Casino
17 Slot Madness All U.S. Players Welcome
  • 4/5
$100 $999 100%Real Time Gaming Play Slot Madness
18 Pantasia Casino
  • 4.33/5
$77 $777 100%Rival Gaming Play Pantasia Casino
19 Casino Classic
  • 4/5
$75 $20 100%Microgaming Play Casino Classic
20 Captain Cooks Casino
  • 5/5
€75 €50 100%Microgaming Play Captain Cooks Casino

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Make money online by telling your friends about your favorite casinos and receive extra free casino chips to play with - refer a friend casino bonuses or RAF bonuses. There are many different ways to cash in on the generous offers given out by online casinos. Online casinos offer incentives for everything from making deposits up to a certain amount, or casino bonuses for merely just logging in. One of the best ways to cash in on online casino bonuses, however, is to refer a friend and get the “refer a friend” casino bonus.

The refer a friend bonus is exactly what it sounds like. If a player enjoys playing their favorite casino games online so much what better way to spread the excitement, and get a little extra casino money, than by bringing all of their friends on board? By having friends sign up to play casino for real a player can make a lot of money and bring in a good new palyers for the casino; it truly is win win. Without clients online casinos would cease to operate. They are in a constant need to build their palyer base and they do this by giving out free money promotions. The refer a friend casino bonus accomplishes this by using their already loyal customers to seek out other loyal casino customers.

Most online casinos put stipulations on their bonus awards though, and a player looking to take advantage of this casino bonus should educate themselves on the requirements that their particular Internet casino expects before they receive their free bonus money. For example, there are a number of casinos that require that a player deposit a certain amount of money before the referring player receives their RAF bonus. This ensures to the casino that the referred player is legitimate, and that they can make money, and that it’s not simply a player making up e-mail addresses to receive free casino money for nothing.

For a player to get started receiving their RAF bonuses for friend referral they will need to already be a member of an online casino that provides this type of casino bonus. Each site may differ slightly in the process but generally a player will simply have to provide a friend’s e-mail address to the site inviting them to join. Once the other player receives the e-mail and joins, the referred player will then need to deposit the minimum amount of money to wager before the referring player gets paid. There are generally no restrictions on how many people a player can refer as long as they are legitimate and meet the minimum requirements.

Some of the premier online casinos offer upwards of $500 or more for the friend casino bonus, while others are more conservative offering around $50. Both of these are certainly worth spending the time and spreading the enjoyment of online casino gambling. And here’s a secret, the player really doesn’t even have to like the person being referred much less be a friend, anyone’s welcome.

There are few casino bonuses out there offered by online casinos as easy to receive as the refer a friend bonus. All it takes is just a few moments, and a few friends, to be siphoning money straight from the casino into the player’s account.