What is the Best Day of the Week to Play Slots?

A common question among gamblers, especially novices, is whether there are particular days in the week where they will yield more winnings on slot machines that others. But while it may be nice to think that if we all head off to our favorite casinos like Ruby Fortune or InetBet Casino on, say, a Wednesday to increase our chances of hitting the jackpot, the overall general consensus among gambling experts is that it really doesn’t matter which day of the week you pick.

In fact, slots are so popular and entertaining, that it is safe to say that the best day to play them is any day of the week!

If you really want to dig deeper into the theories surrounding the best day of the week to play slots, I’ll walk you through two of them – the dominant theory and the alternative theory.

We’ll start with the dominant theory ie. the one which is the most accepted among slots fans and which is considered the norm. This theory, boosted by John Robison’s “The Slot’s Expert’s Guide to Playing Slots, essentially says that it doesn’t matter which day you choose to visit the casino, you won’t have better chances on one day over another day.

The second theory I’ve heard is that if you take the time to watch a particular machine, you may be able to determine when it will hit and, in this way, you’ll be able to direct your gaming sessions to the ‘perfect time’. In his book, “Powerful Profits from Slots”, Victor Royer says that you should ideally play slots between 1 and 7 am, while another expert, Gayle Mitchell, narrows that down to the hours between 2 and 6 am. on a Monday.

As I said, I tend to believe in the dominant theory and believe that slots are a game of chance where the end result is determined by the Random Number Generator.

BUT, having said that, I think that, theoretically, you could increase your chances of winning slots on certain days by taking advantage of special promotions and bonuses.

Say, for example, that River Belle Casino is running a slots promotion that rewards you free spins for choosing specific slot games on certain dates. By knowing the dates of the promotion in advance, you can time your gaming sessions to these days and therefore increase your chances of winning on slot games on a specific day. Naturally, if the promotion is run on a Sunday and ends that week, it stands to reason that your luck won’t increase the following week just because it’s a Sunday. In all events, you will need to use your logic and be practical about these things!

The bottom line is that there are ways and means of making sure that your bankroll goes further by picking your casino days – if you know the dates in advance – so that you can take advantage of bonuses and specials.

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